Positive Conversation With Cheryl Palmer


Glenda:  Hello Cheryl–tell us a little about yourself.

Cheryl:  I currently live in Los Angeles, was born in DC, and have lived there as well as New York City.  Both of my parents are from Trinidad.  I’m a 1st generation American.

Glenda:  What kind of music do you like?

Cheryl:   Roots reggae got me singing, and lately I love to sing gospel and jazz.   My own writing style comes out. I call it pop/folk/soul/reggae/acoustic/jazz.

Glenda:  How long have you been singing?

Cheryl:  About 10 years as a calling.

Glenda:  Do you play any instruments?

Cheryl:  I play guitar, piano, a little harmonica, and percussion.   I have an African djembe drum, as well as many shakers, rattles, and stuff.

Glenda:  Are you working on any projects now?

Cheryl:  Oh yes!  I am working on recording my first album

Glenda:  What are your goals?

Cheryl:  My goals right now are to release an album, and go on tour.  I also want to write songs for other artists, as well as for film and television.

Glenda:  What advice do you have for others who are pursuing their goals?

Cheryl:  Stick with it.

Glenda:  How do you handle pressure?

Cheryl:  I inhale and exhale.  I tell myself everything is working out as it’s meant to be.

Glenda:  What do you do to relax and have fun?

Cheryl:  I love to watch films, go to the beach, and walk my dog…I love to paint.  I really like to cook but eating out is fun too!  And nothing beats seeing a great live show.  I enjoy art exhibits too.

Glenda:  Thank you for taking the time to have a conversation with Positivity 4 Ever.

Cheryl:   Thank you for having me, Glenda.  This is such an inspiring venture; I am honored to be part of it.

Glenda:  You’re welcome Cheryl!

Contact Cheryl at cherylpalmermusic@gmail.com.

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Positive Conversation With The Showers Family


Glenda: I am having a conversation with the Showers Family, a gospel singing group from Hammond, LA, consisting of sisters and brothers 6 girls and 4 boys.

Glenda: How are you doing?

Showers Family (Regina): I am doing fine.

Glenda: Please introduce yourselves. We’re looking at your cd cover photo–please use it as your reference.

Showers Family (Regina): We are the Showers Family singers of Hammond, La. Our group consist of sister and brothers. There are six girls and four boys. Our parents are Rev. Dr. Bobby R. Showers, Sr. & Missionary Oralean Showers. Our ages range from 36 to 19. This project is ordained and blessed by God. God’s word tells us” your gift will make room for you.” I know this project will bless those who listen attentively to voice of God through song.

Glenda: How did you start singing as a group?

Showers Family (Regina): I, Regina S. Gordon, the eldest has been singing since I was four. Thereafter, the Lord saw fit to do exceedingly, abundantly we could ever ask are think. My father asked God to bless him with two children that could sing; nonetheless, the Lord surpassed my father’s request. Isn’t God AWESOME!

Glenda: How long have you been singing as a group?

Showers Family (Regina): As a group, we’ve been singing for thirteen years plus.

Glenda: What is the name of your new cd, and how would you describe the cd?

Showers Family (Regina): The title of project is “Hear My Prayer” written by my eldest brother, Minister Bobby R. Showers, Jr. This song is number six(6) on the project. This song is written from Psalms 39 when David sinned against God and the wicked had come up against him. He was quiet he held his peace deep inside from God.

Glenda: What do you enjoy most about being a gospel singing family?

Showers Family (Regina): What we enjoy most about being a gospel family group is that we are young and we are conveying the truth about our Lord and Savior through song. If you listen to each song, there is a unique message conveyed. One song tells us Jesus Died and that’s enough to say thank you. While another tells us” God is Speaking and all-time favorite, “Amen” .

Glenda: How do you stay disciplined and motivated?

Showers Family (Regina): We stay motivated and discipline because we know that all things work together for our good. Jeremiah 33:3 tells us our God is able to do things that we knowest not of. If we delight ourselves in our Lord, he promises to give us the desires of our heart. With these guarantees and much more, who wouldn’t be motivated to serve an assuring God.

Glenda: What advice do you have for others who are trying to be successful in any area?

Showers Family (Regina): Wait on the Lord and again I say wait. Our project was established in 1999. We signed a record deal in that year and nothing ever occurred but look at OUR GOD. So again, please wait on him and delight yourself in him, and he will bless you. The Lord says’ I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed beg for bread.

Glenda: What are your plans for the future?

 Showers Family (Regina): It is our plan to continue the mission of compelling men, women, boys and girls through song that the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life.

Listen to The Showers Family music on You Tube–search for  Showers Family.

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Positive Conversation With Leah DeVon


Positivity 4 Ever:  Hello Leah, how are you?

Leah:  I’m well, thank you!

Positivity 4 Ever:  Tell us a little about yourself.

Leah: I’m originally from Fort Walton Beach Florida. I moved to Atlanta 13 years ago. I’m a singer/songwriter. I’ve been blessed to grace the stage opening for some of the top acts in the country. I am also a featured performer for Armed Forces Ent. I had the lovely privilege of touring overseas and entertaining our men and women in uniform. Music is my passion.

Positivity 4 Ever:  What kind of music do you sing?

Leah:  Adult-Contemporary

Positivity 4 Ever:  How long have you been singing?

Leah:  All my life.

Positivity 4 Ever:  Where can we purchase your music?

Leah:  You can visit my website at http://www.leahdevon.com.

Positivity 4 Ever:  I watch your show Indie Style with Leah Devon on the internet, and I love it!  Please tell everyone a little about the show, and let them know where they can watch it.

Leah:  Indie Style features some of the best independent entrepreneurs in music, business, and entertainment. The show can be seen Wednesdays at 11AM on Comcast CH 24 in Atlanta. The show can also be seen on the worldwide web at http://www.peopletv.org. Our show website is http://www.indiestyletv.com.

Positivity 4 Ever:  Are you working on any upcoming projects?

Leah:  I am looking forward to heading into the studio this summer with my writing partners Phillip O’Rourke, and Michera Clarke to work on new music.

Positivity 4 Ever:  What are your goals?

Leah:  To continue to make music and be happy.

Positivity 4 Ever:  How do you stay positive when things get tough?


Leah:  I have a wonderful team that is very supportive. I also have an amazing family that is always there for me.

Positivity 4 Ever:  What do you do to relax?

Leah:  Listen to music, jog or shop!

Positivity 4 Ever:  Thank you for having a positive conversation with us.

Leah:  You’re welcome.

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Positive Conversation With Sharman Monroe

Sharman Monroe Picture

Positivity 4 Ever:  Hello, how are you?

Sharman:  Hello Glenda!  I am fantastic! Thanks for asking.

Positivity 4 Ever:  Tell us a little about yourself.

Sharman:    Certainly.  I was born and raised in Washington, DC.  There is just me; I am an only child.  After getting a degree in computer technology, I went to law school.  I had my two children while I was in law school.  After I graduated, I started working as a lawyer for the government.  In 1999, I started a business which was recently featured on NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice”.  On my job, I was eventually promoted to the position of judge, which I quit in 2008 to focus on my business and to enjoy life.

I am a Christian and do my best to practice what I learn from the Bible.  I am divorced with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.  I love reading, traveling, movies, sewing and making jewelry.  Sci-fi movies, like Star Wars, are my weakness.  And I am a huge Twilight fan (Team Edward)!

Positivity 4 Ever:  I read your blog, “My Journey To Me”, and it is inspiring.  How long have you been blogging?

Sharman:  Thank you.  I’m glad my blog adds value to you.  I started blogging in May of 2010.

Positivity 4 Ever:   What inspired you to start blogging?

Sharman:   Well, about 10 years ago, I caught the desire to write a book designed to inspire and encourage women.  So many women in this world are in negative environments and endure so much pain or are stuck in life.  Some think their lives will never get better and they just give up.  I know that isn’t true because I survived spousal abuse and am thriving.  I didn’t know anything about writing a book so I did nothing.  Last year, I attended a session on blogging and social media at a MORE magazine convention so I could use these things for my business.  The speaker told how she created an audience for her new book before it was published through blogging on the topics she included in her book, through a FanPage on Facebook and through Twitter.  People who followed her on these media brought her book when it was published because they were familiar with her.  I caught the desire to write a book again, but this time I had some direction!  I went home and devoured the Dummies books on Twitter, Facebook and Google Blogspot!  Since I’m a computer geek, the information in these books was easy for me to apply. So, I blog to capture my thoughts on the things I am learning about myself and life as I enter this exciting new phase of my life.  Hence the theme: personal development and re-invention.  With my blog, I can inspire and encourage women now until I publish a book.  The comments I’ve received let me know I am doing just that.

Positivity 4 Ever:   What advice can you offer people of all ages who want to be successful in any field?

Sharman:    If the field you choose feels right in your heart for you, not someone else, never give up.  When you do, you give up on yourself.  Keep in mind that as you go along in life, you may reach a point where it is time for you to move on, to leave that field and pursue another, like I did with the practice of law.  That’s okay, and as quiet as it‘s kept, normal.  It doesn’t mean you gave up, it just means you have moved to another field in another phase of your life.

Positivity 4 Ever:  If you had to choose one issue to correct in America, what would you choose and why?

Sharman:  Racism, bigotry and discrimination.  I see these as one issue – self-centeredness.  Why?  Because this issue serves no good purpose and benefits no one, not even the perpetrator.   Self-centeredness stems from EGO, Edging God Out.  It causes strife, jealousy, anger, violence, pettiness, selfishness and lots of other negative attitudes.  The issue, unfortunately, is not limited to America.

Positivity 4 Ever:  How would you correct the issue?

Sharman:   The issue can be corrected one person at a time.  I started with me.  I believe what God has for a person is for that person and no one on earth can take it from that person.   I don’t operate from a position of self-centeredness and make sure people around me know that through my actions.   Hopefully my actions have a butterfly effect – people see and then do themselves and so on and so on.

Positivity 4 Ever:  How do you deal with negative people?

Sharman:  Negative people! Yeah they are everywhere.  I’ll help them to see the positive side of whatever they are complaining about.  I’ll do this a couple of times and if they don’t get, I distance myself from them.  Sometimes they distance themselves from me!  Some people just want to be miserable, want pity, or want attention.   I won’t buy into that.

Positivity 4 Ever:  When you look at your life, what do you value the most?

Sharman:  I value my relationship with God the most.  Over the past year, God has allowed things in my life, tests, which have taught me to completely trust Him, to know He has good plans for me.  Actively experiencing God in my life gives me such peace.  After God, I value my family and friends.  We like to spend time together, laughing, talking and encouraging each other.

Positivity 4 Ever:    What do you do to relax?

Sharman:  I watch movies to relax.  If I really like a movie, I can watch it over and over again!  I also sit by the water to relax.  Lucky for me, I live about 30 minutes from a beach.

Positivity 4 Ever:  Thank you for having a positive conversation with Positivity 4 Ever.

Sharman:   You are very welcome.  Thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak to your readers.

Positivity 4 Ever:  Stop by Sharman’s blog, My Journey to Me at http://myjourneytome-thediscovery.com.  The theme of her blog is personal development and re-invention.  You will also find information about the Reading4Champions Book Club she started.   You can email Sharman at myjourneytome@gmail.com.

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Positive Conversation with Lakeisha Lee

Lakeisha Lee's Picture


Positivity 4 Ever:  Hi Lakeisha, how are you?

Lakeisha:  Hi Glenda. I am doing very well! Thank you.

Positivity 4 Ever:  Tell us about your company “Celebrate In Color”.

Lakeisha:  Our company, Celebrate In Color, specializes in designing unique party supplies for people of color. Our products include quality paper plates, paper cups, napkins and invitations for people of color who are celebrating birthdays, wedding showers and baby showers. Our products add a touch of color to any celebration!

Positivity 4 Ever:  As an entrepreneur, what are some of the challenges you face?

Lakeisha:  The biggest challenge we have encountered is marketing our product, letting everyone know our products are out there. It can be very difficult and expensive trying to showcase your product to the public. You have to reach the right audience; otherwise you are wasting your time and money.

Positivity 4 Ever:  Do you enjoy being an entrepreneur?

Lakeisha:  I really enjoy being an entrepreneur. It’s fun, exciting and exhilarating to see when your hard work pays off.  I can’t wait until I am blessed with the opportunity to do this full time.

Positivity 4 Ever:  How do you deal with the challenges you face and stay positive?

Lakeisha:  I try to stay positive and try to see the glass half full in every situation.  I expect bumps and curves on the journey, not everything will be perfect, I truly believe it’s what you learn from those bumps in the road that make you more successful.

Positivity 4 Ever:  What advice do you have for young people who want to start a business?

Lakeisha:  Just do it! Develop a business plan, think through all possible situations, get a mentor, seek out advice from everyone and learn from criticism, don’t take it to heart! Lastly, reach for the stars!

Positivity 4 Ever:  How do you relax when you need to take a break?

Lakeisha:  I love to relax by traveling. Traveling is my second passion next to Celebrate In Color! I enjoy learning about other cultures, meeting new people, tasting interesting foods, and relaxing on a beautiful beach!

Positivity 4 Ever:  Where can we buy your products?

Lakeisha:  Anyone can purchase our products on our website at http://www.CelebrateInColor.com. Purchases can be made on or FACEBOOK Store.  Our products are also featured in two stores: Party Pompous in Largo, MD and Party’s All The Time in Summerville, SC.

Positivity 4 Ever:  Do you have any future plans for “Celebrate In Color” that you want to share?

Lakeisha:  We have a new line of unique designs on the way!! We are trying to expand our product selection to include everyone and I believe this line will accomplish that!

You will have to LIKE US on FACEBOOK, FOLLOW US on Twitter or send us an email to join our Mailing List for updates!!

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Celebrate-In-Color/165659203483368?sk=wall

Follow Us on Twitter @CelebrateNColor

Email Us: info@celebrateincolor.com

Positivity 4 Ever:  Thank you for having a positive conversation with us.

Lakeisha:  It was a pleasure, thank you!

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Positive Conversation With ROB j

Glenda:  Hello ROB j, how are you?

ROB j:  I am doing well. I am in school studying to be a doctor. So between my music, school and family my schedule is shall we just say crazy…LOL.

Glenda:  Tell us a little about yourself.

ROB j:  I am just your everyday church boy..LOL. I am happily married. I have two kids. My son Johnathan and my daughter Taylor. What you see is what you get with me. I am not known for biting my tongue!

Glenda:  How did you get started?

ROB j:  Good question…LOL. Honestly I got started singing at my grandfathers’ church. He was the Pastor. From there I sung with two different groups. One of those groups The Sliver Airs released a local hit single Closest Friend which I co-wrote. From there, I moved into the R&B world and wrote, and coproduced my first album, titled Fever. It was released independently, and was a hit in the Michigan area. After that, I released another independent album titled Inner Call. That was my returned to Gospel music. I wrote and co-produced that project also. Which moves us to my current album released March of 2009. It’s titled Introducing Rob J Crucified. I wrote and produced this entire project.

It’s my first album being a signed artist. I am signed to Tate Music Group.

Glenda:  What are you doing now?

ROB j:  Right now I am doing promotional tour dates, and filming music videos for the new album. Also I am reviewing movie rolls.

Glenda: There are different levels of success. What is your definition of success?

ROB j:  My success is determined on one thing. Is God pleased with me and what I am doing? Everything I do is for God. I want to be a positive force…Not just a force.

Glenda:  What advice do you have for others who are working on being positive while surrounded by


ROB j:  Keep working on being positive. Never give up on that goal. We all say, do, or think negative sometimes. That just means we’re human, but we have to make positivity a major goal in our daily living.

Glenda:  Thank you for a great conversation. Have a positive day!

ROB j:  Thank you Glenda for helping me to spread God’s message of love, hope, and peace.

Glenda: You’re welcome.

Additional Notes:   ROB j has been nominated for Best Rap HipHop Gospel artist by the Stellar awards Rob j performed songs from his cd on The Bobby Jones Show on the Word Network .

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