Rev. William Barber Delivers Masterful History Lesson, Declares ‘It’s Movement Time Again’


Gladys West Finally Gets Credit for Pivotal Work on the GPS

10 Affirming Black Books That Will Elevate Your Children’s Minds

NFL Hall of Famer Alan Page Opens Slavery Exhibit In Minneapolis

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‘50 Acts of Kindness!’

From The King Center at

Kindness helps open the door to a better humanity and aids in the work of justice. Join us now-April 4 (50th anniversary of  ’s assassination) for ‘50 Acts of Kindness!’ Share your 50 Acts and thoughts about how we can be more kind using the tags .

28 Days, 28 Films for Black History Month

This is a great opportunity to watch 28 films! Watch, learn, and enjoy!

Black History Month

I believe we should learn factual new things constantly. We can make better choices when we have accurate information.

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