Barnes and Noble Announcement: New Books!

From Barnes and Noble: We’re excited to announce the new Oprah’s Book Club Pick: The Sun Does Shine, an unforgettable memoir by Antony Ray Hinton. Also, new and currently our #1 seller, The President is Missing, is a thrilling collaboration by Bill Clinton and James Patterson. Don’t forget, our Father’s Day collection makes B&N a great destination for last-minute gifting needs. See below for more details.

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NEW Oprah’s Book Club Pick: The Sun Does Shine- Anthony Ray Hinton’s new memoir is an unforgettable story of faith, hope, and justice

Now Available from Bill Clinton and James Patterson: The President is Missing, the thriller only a president could write.

Psychological Thrillers: Buy 2 Get the 3rd Free

Yen Press Manga: Buy 2 Get the 3rd Free

Select Young Adult Paperbacks: 3 for $20

Select Young Adult Paperbacks: 3 for $20



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