To: U.S. Senators and Members of Congress Support the Secure Elections Act: Paper ballot back-up to preserve valid elections

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Students: Contact the ACLU if you believe your rights were violated by school administrators today (3/14/17).

Viola Davis’ First Book, and writing for the iconic Corduroy Bear Comes out in September

The Eagles are holding open auditions for cheerleaders!

Debra Lee, Chairman and CEO of BET Networks, is a great inspiration for women all over the world!

Voting Rights Institute

Click on the link to visit the Voting Rights Institute. Find out what your rights are, and vote in every election.


Power is one of my favorite shows.

Register to Vote and Vote

Wisconsin Basketball Star, Marsha Howard Recommits to Her Cause

I like the way Marsha Howard explains why she takes a knee. Marsha, thank you for having the courage to take a knee. Your positive leadership is inspiring.

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Print ACLU’s one-page students’ protest rights!

Election Day!