Happy New Year

Federal Diversity Internship Initiative: U.S. Government Internships

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 5

Let Your Light Shine

Shine Your Light 7

Your Actions

Control your actions today. You are responsible for everything you do.

Make Positive Changes and Achieve Your Goals by Glenda Staten


I wrote Make Positive Changes and Achieve Your Goals, a mini workbook to help teens and young adults stay focused and achieve their goals. Some of the topics in the workbook include knowing yourself, the courage to change, setting goals, friendship, and bullying. Mentors, youth organizations, rehabilitation centers and other organizations can use the workbook as an additional resource to help support them and their programs.  This is also a good resource for parents. The workbook is available in electronic and paperback format.

Preview the workbook at http://createspace.com/Preview/1165301

Purchase the workbook at http://shop.positivityforever.com


(Glenda Staten)


You have so many reasons to be thankful.

White House Student Film Festival (Call for Entries)

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Check your Ego

Do not let your ego block your blessings.

Love and Kindness

I believe in love and kindness. I also believe in working together.