Tell the Truth, by Terrell Fletcher

I’ve learned that many well intending people lie-and lie a lot. Sure, for well intending people, their lie isn’t intended to be hurtful or damaging. In fact, in most cases, for well intending people, the lie is intended to shield or protect someone from a potentially difficult or harsh reality. And I guess to some degree that’s noble. I actually have great compassion and understanding for this…

However, with all well intentions duly noted, it’s still important to know that little good comes from a lie. A lie is deceptive by nature and brings a great weight of unnecessary responsibility with it. Lies, particularly well-intentioned lies, hide critical bits of information that are necessary for the person you’ve lied to, to deal with. And further, it adds an additional burden to you and unconsciously and continuously obligates you to keep shielding them from the reality you don’t want them to experience. The fact is, that in those cases, the lie serves as evasions of reality rather than shields from them.

My hope is that you come to the point of life where you understand that it is not your responsibility to shield or protect any able-bodied person of sound mind and capabilities from facing the difficulties associated with reality. The fairest and most equitable thing you can offer a person is the truth. In fact, to say nothing is fair, to tell the truth is above and beyond. The truth doesn’t change reality, but it does provide the information for a person to negotiate it better.

So if its bad, tell them its bad. If it hurts, tell them it hurt. If daddy is never coming back, find a way to say it, with wisdom, that allows for emotional negotiation versus emotional evasion. You don’t serve your family and friends well by letting them operate on the premise of a lie. And this is where well-intentioned people get it wrong.

Reality is often times glorious, but at times it is not. We need to be trained to handle both. So for all you well intentioned people who feel it is your responsibility to make life something that its not for others, we (and I mean we) must trust that God made them strong as He made us strong enough to handle whatever complexities that come in their life. They are strong enough to handle the truth.

Go for it.

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